our work

From 2006 in the Italian and German real estate field we accompany the buyers/investors in the complete process of the acquisition of a property.

Buying a property is much more than buying a product. It is therefore necessary that the consultant is happy and convinced of what he does. Only in this way can a satisfactory relationship of collaboration be created for both.
Before contacting us it is important that you know the following:

– We are not carpenters, electricians, drivers, travel agents, entertainers, etc.
We do not own a bank and we are not bank.
We do not know everything and everyone.

But we know where to find all this information, services, people and how to solve all the problems that arise when buying a property. Our team is very close-knit and solves almost all the needs that arise. For what we can not solve internally we have external teams. For example for administrative management (payment of taxes, utilities, etc.) or for the creation of personalized loans.

Whether you decide to buy a property for personal use or for investment or rent is a very important decision. Any “seller” is able to show a property and illustrate its merits and (less often) the defects. But few are able to give a complete and competent service to the customer. As the customer wants! Everyone has their own needs, requests, fears and anything else that makes it a special and unique person. My team and I focus on this aspect. We will respect your requests and we will be attentive to your needs avoiding not only to waste you time with useless proposals but also offering you the best package for your needs.

We are happy to do this. You will be too if you trust us.

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